Cloudtract is the world’s simplest
contract management tool for your business

Set alerts and store contracts in one secure place
and never forget or lose a contract again

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Bye bye folders, so long spreadsheets,
farewell unwanted contract renewals

We once forgot to cancel an IT-licence in time, worth 40k, and ended up paying for something we didn’t need.
With available contract management solutions either being too complex or too expensive, we developed a simple, and safe contract management tool ourselves. Watch the video below for more information.

Simplify your contract management, share contracts with the people you want, and never waste time or costs looking for contract- or supplier information again. Cloudtract is free to use for an unlimited number of organizations, users and uploaded contracts.

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!

All your contracts in one place

You can use Cloudtract for every type of contract

Business subscriptions and memberships

Office management vendors

Postal and shipment delivery


IT, software, hardware, hosting

Car leasing contracts

Manufacture, production and supplier contracts

Financial or legal services

Rent and commercial property agreements

Hire, labor and employee contracts

Government contracts

Basically, every contract category

Cloudtract in numbers

Join the thousands of SMEs, entrepreneurs and managers from over 80 countries worldwide, who use Cloudtract to store and manage their contracts. Start Cloudtract’s simple contract management today, and stay ahead of your contracts.

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!

What our users say about us

We developed Cloudtract based on the need of our users.
That’s why we are keen of incorporating the input of our users.
Read customer reviews and testimonials on Cloudtract.

  • "Great solution to stay ahead of notice periods."

  • "Cloudtract has changed in the most positive manner, the way our business manages contracts forever. Gone are the days of manual excel sheet management... Cloudtract seamlessly and simply organizes our contract expires and allows us to efficiently manage the renewals in no time"

    Enisa GlavovicCo-founder - Noviplus
  • "The reason for considering Cloudtract and running the current pilot is that it is cloud based and forms a good entry tool for an organization that is challenged with providing adequate contract management."

    Shawn LightbourneAssistent Director - Government of Bermuda
  • "With multiple departments signing different contracts, it can be a challenge to keep an overview. With Cloudtract this is easily achieved."

    Sandton Hotels
  • "Finally, never miss a notice period ever again...!"

    Kim AshmanOffice Manager - Robein
  • "With Cloudtract I can easily manage and access all my contract whenever and where ever I like. It's a life saver!"

    Esther BeekhuisOffice Manager - Ohpen
  • "Love it, a dream for every organization"

    Constance ScholtenCEO - Camarilla
  • "Cloudtract allows us to keep track of all the different types of contracts we have for our students, and the contract alerts ensure that a contract never expires before we renew it."

    Alicia McCormickAdministrative Coordinator for Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders - Biola University
  • “Do you have a business? Do you have staff? Do you have contracts? Then get Cloudtract!”

    Peter van HalDirector - Body & Mind Personal Training
  • "Cloudtract is really easy to use, and it's a great way to organize and get an overview of our company contracts"

    Lin GrosmannExecutive Assistant/ Paralegal - Trustpilot
  • “By sending alerts directly to our ticketing system, Cloudtract has allowed us to stay ahead of the game and manage expirations dates on hundreds of subscriptions and contracts that we support for our clients’ information technology needs.”

    Mindrey ShiContractor - Harvest Networks


Just set it up and get on with your business

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!