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A startup dedicated to simplicity

Our story

Imagine a medium-sized insurance company

When working at a medium sized insurance company, we asked our teams to inform us about all signed contracts and partnerships. Finding and organizing all contracts took over 8 weeks. After discovering a contract with a press agency, we were shocked to find this service had not been used for the last three years, but were still paying for it.

As companies often need to upgrade their IT- licences, we did as well. The IT department was responsible for cancelling the old software contract and signing new ones. Pretty straight forward. The IT-guys jumped right into finding the perfect new supplier. After signing the new contract, the IT manager discovered these guys forgot to cancel the old 40k contract in time.

Research showed how existing contract management software solutions are complex, over-engineered and offered as expensive pay-per-use solutions. As the only thing we needed was a place to store contracts and get an alert in time, we decided to build a contract management solution ourselves. After word got around, we noticed the similar need for a simple solution like Cloudtract among other SMEs and entrepreneurs. That’s when we decided to start sharing Cloudtract with them.

Cloudtract was founded at the end of 2013 and officially launched its Beta-version in February 2015.

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!

Meet our team

We have worked in the financial industry our entire career, mostly in software development.
Our management team are serial entrepreneurs with over 20 years
of experience working with SME-sized businesses.

Cloudtract in numbers

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official partners: AWS, Exact Online and Slack
49" 4K screen at the office (yeah!)

Job openings

Come work with us

We’re always on the lookout for the best people to join our informal, small but talented team.
If you are passionate about tech and small and medium sized businesses,
we invite you to drop a line at info@cloudtract.com and have
a cup of coffee with us. Cloudtract’s office is based in Amsterdam’s city center.


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in the mediakit and email us at info@cloudtract.com.