Contract management made simple

Learn more about how you can set contract alerts
and centrally store all your supplier and contract information.
So you can renew, re-negotiate, cancel, consolidate – on your own terms,
and always in time. Because timing is everything.

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Packed with smart features, but not too many so you would need an extensive manual to use it.
We keep it simple, as the only thing you really need is a safe storage and an alert in time.

Contract & Renewal Alerts

Receive reminders for contract renewals via email or online calendar appointments, and ensure you can renew, renegotiate, cancel or consolidate your contracts for your business on your own terms. Always on time, and in total control of your contracts. Simple as that.

Secure Document Management

Centrally store and manage all your contract- and supplier documentation in one secure environment. Drag and drop spreadsheets, PDFs, images or other documents and share them with anyone you want. No more looking through folders or spreadsheets in different places.

Easy User Management

Add and authorize the right people within, or outside your organization – like your accountant. So everybody is kept up with what’s important. Manage user profile settings, secure access and right structure of users in our account with ease. You decide who gets access and visibility, per contract.

Centralized Dashboard

A personalized contract and supplier dashboard with alerts, metrics, notice periods, owners and end dates. Add notes, references, and all easy to filter and completely searchable. Export your contract administration for reports and import contract data spreadsheets to automatically create contract alerts. Organize all your contracts in one central place.

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!

More Cloudtract Features

Import Wizard

Import contract data from your existing spreadsheet-documents and automatically create contract alerts in Cloudtract. Map columns and cells to sync the contract data of your CSV file to Cloudtract, and instantly organize your contract administration with a few simple clicks.

Multi-currency support

Cloudtract supports 38 different currencies for pinpoint accurate contract management. Selecting the base currency of your choice is available for each specific contract.


Add references, keyword tags, to dos or other important notes to your contract alerts to outline all related or actionable contract information.

Clever Indexing

Organize and arrange your contracts by creating customized categories for easy labeling and clever data management.

Full Searchable Audit Trail

Search and export all supplier and contract data. Everything in Cloudtract is automatically indexed and archived so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want. With one search box and a set of powerful search operators, you can slice and dice your way to that one Contract in your Contract Management Administration.

Integration with Online Calendars

Cloudtract integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal and other online calendars to easily sync your contract alerts as scheduled tasks or appointments in your online calendar.

Export functionality

Download your complete contract administration in one zip-file, containing all contract alerts, including contract detail information and uploaded documents. All neatly organized in separate folders including a smart CSV file overview.


Seamlessly integrate and connect Cloudtract with popular third party apps such as Exact Online and Slack, to easily streamline contract management updates and operations with  your team, department, for your entire business.

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!

Open your account

Cloudtract is really easy to use:
Open an account, set an alert, upload a contract, and get on with your business.

  • Sign up

    Click the Sign Up Button

  • Set Account

    Fill in your email address and set a password

  • Check email

    Check your email and click the activation link within 48 hours

  • Set Organization

    Fill in your Organization name, select the industry and number of employees

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!

Setting an alert is simple

Log in, click on the Add Alert icon, set the Supplier name and Alert date, and you are done.
Simple as that!  Check the 3 simple steps below to see how simple it really is.

Step 1: Log in

Go to
Log in with your email address and password.

Step 2: Add Alert

Click on the “Add Alert” icon to add a contract alert. You can add as many alerts as you want.

Step 3: Set Alert

Enter the “Supplier Name” and the “Alert Date”. Select the “Calendar Appointment” if you want to set your reminder in your Calendar.

If you want to finish here, you can hit the “Save” button now.

Need more info? Download the Cloudtract Quick User Guide manual.

Step 4: Add Advanced Information (optional)

If you want to collect more information, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Advanced Settings’.

 Saving this information can be useful if you want to keep an overview of the average values per contracts, start- or end dates and other detailed information regarding your contracts.

Step 5: Add Documents (optional)

If you want to store all your contracts and related documents in one place, you can drag and drop files directly from you computer to Cloudtract.
The documents will be encrypted and stored on your account.

That’s it!

All contracts. One location. Always accessible. Get alerts in time.

Simple, Safe & Free.

Upgrade to Cloudtract Premium available soon!